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Love Me Brew About us

Photo by Brayden Bridgeman

Hey Y’all! Pleased to meet you!


Love Me Brew is a craft beer and lifestyle blog curated by husband and wife team, Benjamin and Rebecca. For the couple, beer is a love story. They started their beer adventures way back in college, where they became good friends over sharing pints at their local dive. Next, came moving to the wonderful beer city of St. Louis. Both Benjamin and Rebecca got heavily involved in craft beer working at local tap houses, breweries, and volunteering with beer-centered organizations. Now, the newly-married couple is setting roots in their new BREWgrass home of Lexington, KY. They are excited to engage with current beer enthusiasts, as well as draw in beer newbies to their love affair.


Rebecca Evans beer bloggerMEET HER:

Hey ya’ll! I’m Rebecca! I like to think I’ve always been a Southern belle at heart. After moving around a ton growing up, I’m proud to be back in my good ole Kentucky home! I’m a lover of sunshine and sundresses. I absolutely love cooking up some juicy fried chicken. But, one of my greatests loves is BEER! While in St. Louis, I worked at tap houses, breweries, and helped organize beer festivals. I also was an executive member of The OG: St. Louis Craft Beer Collective. During that time, I began my journey in the Cicerone program, which is kind of like a sommelier, but for beer. I am passionate about women’s roles in the craft beer industry, supporting my local community, global awareness, and beer education. I believe that beer is for everyone. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an avid homebrewer, I’d love to hear about it over a pint!


Favorite Beer: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale


Benjamin Evans Beer BloggerMEET HIM:

Hey there! My name’s Benjamin and I’m a proud Hoosier, born and bred. I grew up working on farms; then, the alleys, streets, and byways of St. Louis. Now, I’m ready to settle down and build my *new* Kentucky Home. I love a good home-cooked meal and a big beer after a hard day’s work. By this point in my life, I’m a jack of all trades and a master of a couple. The ability to fix about anything I can put in my hands has been a useful skill as I have tried to find my direction in life. My Heart yearns for my Hands to create. Through all the good beers, I try to keep my Head clear and learn from it all. Here’s to your Health and mine!  


Favorite Beer: Unibroue La Fin du Monde


Contact Us: Beer is about relationships. We want to build one with you…and your beer! Try something new? Think you hate beer? Need a recommendation? Want to collaborate? Chat with us at rebecca@lovemebrew.com.


Evans couple beer bloggers at Savages Ale House

Photo by Brayden Bridgeman